Cliff C. Coleman

Cliff Coleman was graduated from Auburn University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction. Cliff worked as an assistant project manager for a design build firm for three years. In 1988, Cliff joined Southern Glass Products as Vice President, and in 1998 took over operations as president. Cliff assumed full ownership in 1999 and expanded the business to a statewide glazing contractor. Cliff is the 3rd generation in the glass business.

Kenneth E. Newton

Senior Contract Manager
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Ken Newton is senior contract manager of Southern Glass Product’s contract department. With over 40 years experience in the glass and glazing field, Mr. Newton’s expertise has served to establish SGP among Florida’s top glazing contractors. Ken has been with Southern glass since 1985.

Ken oversees the commercial estimating and project management departments and serves as the in-house engineer. Mr. Newton has extensive experience in fabrication, aluminum storefront and curtain wall systems. He was a journeyman glazier of 15 years. Ken’s dedication and professional qualities have advanced him in the industry as head fabricator, glazing superintendent and manager of Tampa Bay Glass. The twenty-six years Ken has been with Southern Glass Products, as senior contract manager, chief estimator and project manager, have been years of constant growth for the company, his eagerness to expand into more intensive projects will ensure Southern Glass a bright future.

Dana Bearry

Office Manager
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Dana Bearry is the Office Manager of Southern Glass Products. Dana has been with Southern Glass since 1994.

Mrs. Bearry came to Southern Glass with over fifteen years bookkeeping experience. She is proficient in Florida Lien Law, Florida Department of Revenue requirements and tax payments. As Project Administrator her responsibilities include keeping records on all projects, including legal notices/filings, change orders and billings.

Dana handles our Human Resources Dept. the duties of which include weekly payroll, health insurance, benefits, OSHA requirements, and all employer/employee relations.

Mrs. Bearry oversees accounts receivable/accounts payable and year end accounting. She works closely with our accountants to ensure optimal return preparations and filings.

She has shown exemplary dedication, honesty and business acumen throughout her 16 year tenure with Southern Glass.

Bruce A. Norman

Glazing Supervisor
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Bruce Norman is Glazing Supervisor for Southern Glass Products Co., Inc., and has been in the glass and glazing industry for over 30 years. Bruce has been with Southern Glass since 1987.

Bruce began his career as a glazier and metal fabricator after serving in the U.S. Army. His experience in the field and fabrication shop have served to advance him within our organization. Mr. Norman served as Glazing Superintendent for many years, managing multiple major construction projects. His expertise and dedication has been a prominent factor in Southern Glass coordinating union and non-union personnel to complete projects on time and cost effectively.

Jennifer Crews

Residential Coordinator
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Jennifer has been employed by Southern Glass Products since May 2004. With over 13 years office experience she has been a key asset to our everyday operation.

Jennifer handles all incoming calls and customer traffic as well as overseeing our residential sales from quoting to completion. Mrs. Crews works closely with SGP installers to coordinate all of our day to day service calls and field work to ensure the exemplary customer service we are known for and strive to maintain. She is also in charge of ordering all non-contract materials and inventory to keep our shop running efficiently. In addition to her everyday duties she maintains our accounts receivable department and collections. With her combined experience and the customer rapport she has established Mrs. Crews is a wonderful addition to our team.

Beth Strand

Contract Coordinator
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Beth Strand has been an employee of Southern Glass Products for 15 years. Her work-ethics have been a significant part of SGP’s success.

Beth is a key person in our commercial contract division from printing drawings, bid schedule, securing quotes from vendors to project submittals. She purchases and negotiates prices with our vendors for optimal profit and coordinates
deliveries to adhere to construction schedules. Her organizational skills and attention to detail ensures that projects run efficiently.

Thomas Nantz

Fabrication Supervisor

Thom Nantz is The Fabrication Supervisor for Southern Glass Products Co., Inc., and has been in the glass and glazing industry for over 35 years. Thom has been with Southern Glass since 1995.

Thom started as an installer, working on many large projects, including multi span curtainwalls. Thom had his hand in many of the high rise buildings you see in the Tampa and Orlando skyline. Thom is meticulous, and has been instrumental in maintaining an efficient fabrication department. The understanding of how a system needs to be installed in the field, and the attention to detail means that from the time the material comes to the shop, throughout the fabrication process, until the frames are sent to the field, the customer is provided with material that is done per the manufacturer’s specifications.